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The LIONS School programmes are for a select number of marketing and creative professionals who want to fast-track their careers. Taking place at Cannes Lions - The Festival of Creativity - every year, the best in the industry train 30 professionals at each Academy to become irreplaceable. The Media, Brand Marketer, Creative and Roger Hatchuel Academies have seen hundreds of ambitious creative and marketing professionals expand their networks for life and learn from the best in the industry.

"Simply too incredible to put into words. I gained invaluable tips, skills and advice directly from industry leaders. I left a better person and an improved creative.”

Emma Kasarsky

Junior Art Director

Badger & Winters, USA

Alumni Spotlight

Mindy Perlmutter

Then: Assistant Brand Manager, Unilever Canada (2012)

Now: Global Brand Engagement Manager, Love Beauty and Planet, Unilever (2019)

"Even 7 years later I have continued to pull inspiration from Cannes Lions – whether it be creative inspiration for our team now or simply the confidence to always push for more and not settling for 'good'".

Tales of the Inaugural Young Lions Ambassador

Rocio Ramirez

Associate Creative Director, Dieste Inc. / Young Lions Ambassador 2019

"Being the voice of the academy was an experience that challenged me to go beyond my comfort zone. While it was initially difficult, it was well worth the reward of mentoring academy students from all over the world."