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At LIONS we have over 65 years of evidence that creative excellence moves people, business and society forward.

Cannes Lions: The International Festival of Creativity - has been championing creative excellence since 1954 with the goal of providing a global destination and the definitive benchmark for creativity that drives progress.

LIONS | The Home of Creativity is the destination for anyone who believes in the power of creative possibility and wants to aim higher and push forward.

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Catch up on Cannes Lions 2022 Festival Talks, get unlimited access to year-round creative masterclasses, skill bootcamps, and future forecasts that develop and strengthen your creativity – not to mention the connections and advice of our wider community, helping you advance your career, 365 days a year.

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A range of talent programmes, including the new LIONS Scholarship, are part of LIONS’ drive to introduce more opportunities for underrepresented groups through fully-funded talent programmes at Cannes Lions.

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When you join The Community in LIONS Membership, you become part of a global creative hub of the industry’s best expertise. It’s a place to bond with like-minded individuals through sharing challenges, collaborating on industry issues, and swapping resources to charge your self-development. Our mission is to connect and foster the most driven and ambitious creatives across the globe and together, drive progress through creativity.

Get the LIONS State of Creativity Study 2023

The third edition of the State of Creativity Study draws on insights, data and case studies from over 2,400 creatives and marketers from across the industry, to help you rise above the challenges facing brands in 2023. Read the report to learn what’s preoccupying the industry right now, what’s influencing the state of creativity around the world and how creativity is being used most effectively.

Progress Through Creativity: Nedal Ahmed

‘Progress Through Creativity’ follows some of the world’s most inspirational creatives, exploring their stories of progress and what it took to get where they are today. This episode features Nedal Ahmed - an Emmy and Grand Prix winning creative who uses authenticity and creativity to spark cultural conversations. Follow Nedal as she takes you through her career journey thus far – from winning Young Lions, to her current role as Senior Copywriter at Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo.

Cannes Lions Awards

The Cannes Lions Awards have been the undisputed global benchmark for creative excellence since 1954, celebrating ideas that grow businesses, build iconic brands and shift culture. Winning a Lion is a career milestone, future proofs your business’s growth and gives you world-wide exposure. Only a small percentage of all work that is entered every year goes on to win a Lion. Winners really are part of a global community of game changers.

The Work - the world’s greatest intelligence platform

The Work gets to the core of how to create exceptional work that impacts culture and drives measurable growth with experts’ insights allowing you to benchmark true creative excellence. Via an easily searchable intelligence platform, The Work offers year-round access to data, opinions, analysis and the talents behind winning work entered into Cannes Lions since 2001, handing you the keys to your biggest creative challenges.

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