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Alumni Spotlight

Mindy Perlmutter

Then: Assistant Brand Manager, Unilever Canada (2012)

Now: Global Brand Engagement Manager, Love Beauty and Planet, Unilever (2019)

How would you describe your experience at Cannes Lions?

Surreal and stimulating.

How did attending the Academy impact you?

Attending the Academy solidified for me that “good work” can always be better. That the “goosebump” test is a true validator of brilliant and emotionally-resonant work. And that compelling stories transcend any language or geographical boundaries. Seven years later, I have continued to pull inspiration from Cannes Lions – whether it be creative inspiration for our team now, or simply the confidence to always push for more and not settling for just “good”.

Why should employers send young talent to attend an Academy?

Exposing young talent to the calibre of work and creative thinking that the Academy breeds will only spark a need for excellence in your teams. Returning from the Marketers Academy, I had a sense of urgency to try to better inspire my creative agencies, ask better questions and push for more.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to next year's class?

Attend every session and sit in the front row. I think it’s the best way to really soak it in. And make friends. The world is small and the marketing community is even smaller – you never know where your next big ideas will spark from or who you’ll bump into again along your journey!