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Creativity drives Growth.

At LIONS Advisory, we know Lion-winning work is four times more effective than non-winning work on average. The work and analysis of leading academics and practitioners like Byron Sharp, Les Binet and the IPA make the case even stronger. Creative excellence builds brands, and drives growth.

But many CMOs still ask: ‘How do we set the foundations for great creativity to break through and drive growth in our organisations?

Our creative brand transformation programme reveals the key factors for success. Facilitating your journey through culture, capabilities, confidence and core ideas – and helping you cement your status as a creative brand leader in the making.

The Official Cannes Lions Festival Digest 2023

Inspire your team with the only official Cannes Lions Festival Digest, presented in-person by LIONS Advisory experts. This unsurpassed deepdive will take you and your company into the core trends, themes and insights from the 2023 Cannes Lions Festival.

Find out more and register your interest here.

Marketing Challenges Whitepaper

LIONS, WARC and The Effectiveness Partnership have come together to survey global marketers’ perceptions of the challenges facing our industry today. See the results and ask yourself the same questions

Get the LIONS State of Creativity Study 2023

The third edition of the State of Creativity Study draws on insights, data and case studies from over 2,400 creatives and marketers from across the industry, to help you rise above the challenges facing brands in 2023. Read the report to learn what’s preoccupying the industry right now, what’s influencing the state of creativity around the world and how creativity is being used most effectively.

LIONS Briefings

Whether you’re looking to build a case for creativity that results in investment, or you need to discern best practice and trends in creative excellence, our briefings have you covered.

They are the result of extensive research from our in-house team who connect with 1,500+ people in the creative industry each year. Choose the briefing theme that correlates with your challenge and our experts will deliver a workshop to perfectly align and troubleshoot your obstacles.

LIONS Benchmarking

Benchmarking delivers fully diagnostic solutions covering brand performance, partners and competitors, over time. This is a data-led approach to suss out gaps in your brand and assist in continually refining your focus.

LIONS Training

LIONS TRAINING supports companies focused on upskilling their teams to drive long-term performance. Members will work through a series of bespoke and innovative applied learning experiences to effectively develop and grow their creative capabilities.

Training includes:

  • Workshops - A series of interactive workshops and programmes that decode creativity
  • Mindscapes - A future-proofing solution for creative thinking which leverages a best practice framework in your team’s processes
  • Curated - A highly focused program for teams attending Cannes Lions, Cannes Lions Live or LIONS Live, designed to help get the most out of the experience.

LIONS Advisory

Through our advisory practice, we work with a select number of partners annually on creative transformation projects, designed to embed creativity at the core of their marketing organization.

We partner with a roster of esteemed industry leaders to deliver bespoke programmes which transform marketing organizations, enabling them to turbo charge growth and unlock innovation. Our programme centers around building capabilities, processes, leadership and strategic partnerships.

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