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Marketing Challenges Whitepaper

LIONS, WARC and The Effectiveness Partnership have come together to survey global marketers’ perceptions of the challenges facing our industry today.

Three quarters of marketers surveyed find it very difficult to tie creativity to commercial return. Marketing effectiveness was cited by 64% of respondents as a major challenge, topped only by economic uncertainty, which was mentioned by 72%.

Additionally, 80% of marketers recognise five major challenges to developing strategy – with selling creative plans to the C-Suite leading the way as the most challenging, as mentioned by 83% of respondents.

The survey posed seven questions in total – covering different aspects of the five areas marketers must successfully navigate to produce commercially effective work in today’s world.

If you’re a brand marketer, ask yourself the same questions. Then, compare your responses to the survey results. The issues they cover are crucial in helping you drive effectiveness across your organisation in a world of unpredictability and disruption.

Download the Marketing Challenges Whitepaper