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LIONS releases State of Creativity report

1 September 2021

The LIONS State of Creativity report presents in depth insights on the challenges, opportunities and approaches for the creative industry in 2021, following a period of untold disruption.

The events of the past 18 months have caused brands to channel Olympic levels of agility in order to win the race against change and uncertainty. But have the goalposts for how we approach and define creativity changed as a result? And could creativity be the ultimate secret weapon to beat the competition?

The report highlights the value of creativity in post-crisis growth and synthesises the findings of LIONS first global survey, carried out with 1500+ marketers, creatives and media owners, alongside one-on-one interviews with multiple global CMOs and creative and marketing leaders.

Speaking in Campaign, in an article to coincide with the report’s launch, LIONS, VP, Content, Charlotte Williams, said: “Brands have a real opportunity to think beyond just delivering advertising and product. So much of what we do now is thinking about product design and business problem solving. It's far greater than just putting out a 30-second spot.”

Key findings include:

  • Almost a third of brand leaders (28%) reported growing pressure to prove the effectiveness of creativity, leading to more rigor and scrutiny around the creative work produced.
  • Brands and agencies both noted campaign measurement as a common thread of concern.
  • 61% said that demonstrating long-term impact is extremely challenging.
  • From the brand marketers interviewed, 67% saw creativity as extremely valuable as a competitive advantage in business. However, only 17% of creative partners believe that brands value creativity to the same extent.
  • Upskilling the creative workforce was identified as very, or extremely, important by more than 80% of respondents, in order to develop brave, category-breaking ideas.

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