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The Brief #1 - Winners

The Brief. Diversity, networking & creativity in action.

We partnered with The World Woman Foundation - a non-profit organisation that aims to empower women on a global scale. In 2022 they will rebrand and relaunch a Young Female Entrepreneurs Program to register 500 young females.

The challenge to LIONS Members was to create a clear, concise and eye-catching campaign in only 3 weeks, before presenting to an international jury. Here are the results.

The Judging Panel

All submissions to The Brief were reviewed and scored by the jury, using the Official Cannes Lions Judging System. A shortlist of five was selected who then presented live via Zoom.

Cinzia Crociani

Executive Creative Director


Jonathan Mildenhall



David Guerrero


BBDO Guerrero

Josy Paul


BBDO India

Lisa Thomas

Chair at Mimo Brands; Founder of LIDA


Mauricio Sarmiento


Leo Burnett Bogotá

Nicky Bullard



Rob FitzGerald



Wesley ter Haar



Winners Announcement

The Winners - Team Wriot

We won't launch a program, we will launch a country. Independent Women Nation.

See the deck and view the presentation.

The Brief#1 shortlisted teams

Sticky Thoughts presented Business Shower

A young female entrepreneur platform that will shift this societal thinking to a new celebration that empowers women to start the business of their dreams.

Stranger Lions presented The Elevator Twitch

A series of sessions combining gaming and business strategies to help young females overcome the fear of entrepreneurship and build a support system and community.

You Make Your Own Luck presented The Unbiasverse

The Unbiaverse programme for young female entrepreneurs utilises the 'anonimity' of avatars to kickstart an entrepreneurial reset within this new digital realm, for a world effect.

Billionaire Girls Club presented Unblinding Power

On the biggest shopping day of the year, women instead invest their money in female entrepreneurs.

Cinzia Crociani, Executive Creative Director, VMLY&R

Elevator Twitch – “It made sense, it is something that is part of culture and relevant. It is a fresh place to start, for women to show their ideas and is really really right for the target audience.”

Business Shower – “I feel it has big potential to change some bias and stereotypes about women, a powerful idea.”

Nicky Bullard, CCO, MRM

Elevator Twitch – “Really fresh idea, bringing together two worlds.”

Made in IWON – “Based on an insight and there are three phases to it where they could talk about the brand and platform. It is scalable. A complete idea that is well thought through and a fresh take on the brief.”

Lisa Thomas, Chair at Mimo Brands; Founder of LIDA

Made in IWON – “Brilliant idea based on the best use of insight.”

Unbiasedverse – “I like how they created it, love the fact that they really had thought about how to reinvent yourself.”

Josy Paul, Chairman, BBDO India

Unbiasedverse – “Moved by their story, the sense of mission. They identified the empathy points and tried to find a solution.”

Mauricio Sarmiento, CCO, Leo Burnett Bogotá

Elevator Twitch – “Huge opportunity to use Twitch as an entrepreneurial platform.”

Made in IWON – “Really huge and has the opportunity to inclusive across the world. A proud brand and a proud nation.”

Jonathan Mildenhall, Founder, TwentyFirstCenturyBrand (Jury Chair)

Elevator Twitch – “Snappy idea”

Made in IWON – “An idea that is as scalable and sustainable as American Express’ Small Business Saturday”.

Made in IWON – “Challenges our definition of a country and what a country can represent. More than a geography, it’s a mindset.”

Rupa Dash, CEO, World Woman Foundation

Made in IWON – “The idea can definitely start a global conversation and can become something scalable, measurable and become much bigger.”

Maksimilian Kallhed, Board Member, World Woman Foundation

Made in IWON – “World Women Foundation will be able to build things around it on multiple levels, which is something the foundation needs and the idea has longevity.”