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LIONS State of Creativity Study 2023

LIONS' global, annual study reveals the industry's priorities, opportunities and challenges.

The third edition of the State of Creativity Study draws on insights, data and case studies from over 2,400 creatives and marketers from across the industry, to help you rise above the challenges facing brands in 2023.

Key findings show that above all, the industry believes that having a clear creative vision and strategy is critical to success. Amplifying creativity through structure, making short-term tactics work in tandem with brand-building, and collaborating meaningfully with the creator economy are also top of mind.

Read the report to learn what’s preoccupying the industry right now, what’s influencing the state of creativity around the world and how creativity is being used most effectively.

Build strategies for effective creativity

The study shows that marketers and creatives alike agree that having a clear vision and strategy to harness creativity is paramount for business success - yet less than half of respondents feel confident in their leadership ability to deliver a creative culture.

We heard from you that the industry needs to find and use universal methods and processes to build creative ideas faster, so the study shares four proven processes used by Lion-winners, to help you find a sure route to impactful creativity.

Creativity is at a crossroads. With the rise of technology and data, marketers are expected to be more tactical and exact in every brand action, however bold. And bold creativity requires guts. In the coming years, we’ll see how data, technology, and guts fall into balance.”



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