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Lions Membership Benefits

LIONS Membership doesn’t just give you the opportunity to learn and work with the world’s most diverse creative collective. It provides the tools you need to strive ahead, the insights to push your ideas further, and the skills you need to reach breakthroughs.

Elevate your creativity and develop skills you can’t learn anywhere else.

Explore the Membership Benefits below, then pick the Membership Plan that is right for you.


Watch live events and catch-up with on-demand content. With LIONS TV, members enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews, insightful analysis of winning work, and a wide selection of inspirational films, including programming from Cannes Lions Live and LIONS Decoded.

The Communities

Access to the education, advice, and skills that lead to creative breakthroughs – but most importantly, each other. Through Membership you’ll gain regular opportunities to meet other members, united in their mission to drive progress through creativity.

The Coaching Series

Meet your professional goals by diving into the skills needed to thrive in the creative world. Lean on our expert support and deep-learning sessions to help coach you through each skill and help you future-proof your career – so you can aim higher, and do more.

The Lectures

Broaden your mindset and absorb knowledge from the world-class creative leaders and thinkers as they address the global creative community. The Lectures are a rallying cry to activate the industry and drive progress – for business, for society, and for good.

The Forecast

Knowledge is power. Infuse your work with the latest insights and evidence via quarterly expertly-curated creative forecasts. Place yourself ahead of the curve with current trends, expert analysis, and intricate inquiries into niche, sought-after themes in creativity.

The Brief

Use your creative muscles for good. Work on selected pro-bono briefs, alongside the rest of the community, for not-for-profit causes to drive change. Requiring a wide range of disciplines, engage in regular opportunities to use your skills to change the world.

The Creative Drops

Spark your imagination with regular doses of limited edition content, experiences and merchandise curated by our creative partners – with something to ignite inspiration for every discipline of creativity.

The Work Classic

Look back across the world’s greatest award-winning collection of creative work from 1954 – 2000 in order to stimulate ideas and inspiration. Dive into a wide selection of the very best in creativity, much of it painstakingly restored and regraded from original film.

The Directory

Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know. The Directory allows you to browse the world’s best creative talent, alongside a portfolio of their Lion winning work.

The Library

Use the best resources available, developed by 67 years of industry experience and insight. Access The Library to source the best-in-class guides, templates, decks and supporting materials, as curated by the benchmark for creative excellence.

The Letter

Be the first in the know about what’s happening in the world of creativity. Receive the latest on what’s happening across your community, your relative disciplines, and stay on the inside track of creative excellence with regular letters from The Membership Team.

The Collection

Browse thoughtful, limited edition products that have been co-created in collaboration with an array of global, iconic brands, artists and creators that live and breathe what it means to be creative.

Choose your plan

LIONS Membership

Unlimited 365 access to creative masterclasses and skills bootcamps to develop your creativity, plus the connections and advice of our wider community, helping to advance your career. Dive into 40+ hours of creativity on-demand from Cannes Lions Live 2021.

€249 + Sales Tax

Young LIONS Membership

If you are 30 or under, join Young LIONS Membership to access all the benefits of LIONS Membership, with a 30% discount on your annual fee. Proof of age required.

€169 + Sales Tax

Team Membership

Whether your team is big or small, junior or senior, ambitious or established – there’s an option for you. If you already have a Team Membership ID, please choose one of the options above and add your ID at Checkout.