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Lessons in Creativity with Local Resonance

Hosted by Fiorenza PlinioGlobal Head of Creative Excellence, LIONS
Joined by Charlotte WilliamsVP Content, LIONSNick PrimolaExecutive Vice President, Association of National Advertisers, ANA; Asmita DubeyChief Marketing and Chief Digital Officer, L'OréalKatie WilliamsChief Marketing Officer, US, GSK

Recorded on Monday, 21 June 2021

Stories with a universal human truth at their heart have the power to cross borders and transcend language; but the more they account for local sensitivities, the better they can be baked into the cultural fabric of a nation. So how do brands tailor their stories to resonate with local cultures? And what inspiration can we take from original ideas born out of the lesser-known creative hubs? Exploring work that won at the Spikes Asia, Dubai Lynx and Eurobest awards, as well as Cannes Lions, in this session LIONS goes around the world to provide inspiration and insight on the creative ideas sparking brand growth with local communities and markets.

Brands in the Age of eCommerce | When Purpose gets Personal

Hosted by Fiorenza Plinio, Global Head of Creative Excellence, LIONS
Joined by Chaucer Barnes, Chief Marketing Officer, Translation Enterprises; Donna Sharp, Managing Director, MediaLink; David Tiltman, VP Content, WARC.

Recorded on Friday, 25 June 2021

In a fireside chat with MediaLink, Chaucer Barnes, Chief Marketing Officer for Translation Enterprises, recounts how he came to work at Wieden+Kennedy, how cultural diversity factors into UnitedMasters' and Translation's strategy, and why every discipline of marketing benefits from giving undiscovered creators a chance.

As digital commerce has grown over the past year, marketers are faced with a whole range of new ad options, and conflicting advice over how to spend their budget. In this next session, based on a new content series from WARC, we pull together research from around the world to give marketers the latest advice on how to succeed in a changing market.

Boundless Commerce: The Digital Transformation Checklist

Hosted by Malcolm Pinkerton, VP Retail Insights, Kantar Joined by Lex Josephs, VP, Sales & Ad-Tech Partnerships, Walmart

Recorded on Tuesday, 22 June 2021

How can marketing leaders prepare their organisation for Boundless Commerce? More than ever before, eyeballs are everywhere. The importance of being available when consumers are ready, with the correct information and product, whenever and wherever required is greater than ever in driving saliency. Kantar's annual PoweRanking identifies retailers and suppliers that set the standard of performance, ranked by their trading partners. In 2021, Walmart sits at the top of the ranking. Hear about the company’s approach to working creatively with brand partners, and what they’re looking out for in the future. Learn how retailer-brand partnerships can flourish as boundless commerce evolves.

Why Brands Will Need To Become Tech-Enabled, Data-Driven and Human-Centric

What place is there for media and advertising in a sustainable world?

Hosted by Daniel Bischoff, Chief Marketing & Operations Officer, RTL AdConnect Joined by Marcello Gelo, Global Marketing Director, MUTTI SPA; Tom Hidvegi, Creative Strategy Sr. Director, Coca-Cola LATAM and Tara Agen, Global Head and VP, Marketing Planning, Operations and Office of the CMO at HP

Recorded on Thursday, 24 June 2021

As the appetite for sustainable brands grows, the gap between expectation and action is becoming more acute. Perceptions and preoccupations around sustainability can change from market to market, so brands must keep up. RTL AdConnect's new study, "Responsible Brands in Europe" highlights the nuances in consumer behaviour and attitudes among the key European nations. It reveals successful approaches taken by different brands, using creativity to power new solutions. Find out which responsible actions in different sectors are finding favour with customers today (from food and fashion to tourism and beauty), and what challenges must be tackled next.

Responsible Brands in Europe: Challenges, Initiatives and Insights

The New Roaring Twenties: Community, Culture & Commerce in an Interactive World

Hosted by Karen Kovacs, Executive Vice President, Client Partnerships, NBCUniversal Advertising & Partnerships 
Joined by Kimberley Gardiner, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.; Sheinelle Jones, Co-Host, “3rd Hour of Today”; Will Packer, Founder / CEO of Will Packer Productions and Will Packer Media; Maurice Cooper, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Target; Mark Marshall, President, Advertising & Partnerships, NBCUniversal; Abbey Berryman, Senior Vice President, Client Partnerships, NBCUniversal Advertising & Partnerships and Evan Moore, Vice President, Content & e-Commerce, NBCUniversal Advertising & Partnerships

Recorded on Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Consumers crave experiences. As we emerge from a global health crisis, the pull toward human connection and interactivity is reaching a fever pitch. From radio to television to streaming, NBCUniversal has transformed conversation into culture and connected the world through creative storytelling and technology. As the world enters the “New Roaring Twenties”, we are charting a new path forward, blending creativity and technology; raising voices; and sharing the power of all perspectives to capitalise on the surging global consumer demand. In this session, brands learn how they can align with this culture in order to foster trust and develop meaningful connections with consumers on a global scale. 

The New Roaring Twenties: Community, Culture & Commerce in an Interactive World

The State Of Creativity Today: The Essential Digest

Presented by Charlotte Williams, VP Content, LIONS

Recorded on Tuesday, 6 April 2021

We share the most pertinent findings for marketers from LIONS’ official State of Creativity research project. In our largest study to date with the most senior members of the creative community we hone in on how brands are using creativity in their growth strategies today. What are the key challenges common to all brands? What opportunities are the world’s biggest advertisers focusing on? And what creative tools and tactics are brands employing to drive creative success in 2021. We reveal the answers, delve into the analysis and discuss how brands can augment their creative endeavours in 2021.

The Rhythm Of Life Is Disruption

Presented by J. Walker Smith, Chief Knowledge Officer, Kantar Consulting

Recorded on Tuesday 6 April 2021

The pandemic has been a practice year for the future. After a long period of relative 'moderation,' the year of unpredictability has brought into view that disruptions are the future. Discontinuities will be a feature of the marketplace ahead, not the exception. What will stick following the pandemic will be determined as much by future volatility as by the dislocations of the pandemic itself. In this presentation, Kantar Consulting Chief Knowledge Officer J. Walker Smith will provide a view of the consumer habits that will endure and the strong growth opportunities they will unlock, as well as a framework for understanding what will be new and what will not be new as we settle into life post-COVID.

Adapting To The New Consumer Landscape: A Creative Case Study

Presented by Maud Meijboom-van Wel, Brand Director, Heineken

Recorded on Tuesday 6 April 2021

We hear from a brand leader whose work has been identified as one of the top creatively effective campaigns in Kantar’s Ad Effectiveness Study. They explore how they kept abreast of the changing consumer landscape to deduce unique data and insights that fueled this original idea leading to new and successful creative endeavours.

Shoppable Storytelling: How To Drive Creative Impact In 2021

Presented by David Tiltman, Head of Content, WARC

Recorded on Wednesday, 7 April 2021

As organisations pivot to e-commerce, where are the new opportunities to build brands and drive sales? WARC looks at changes in the market over the past 12 months, and some emerging trends in creative effectiveness they are seeing as a result.

Shoppable Storytelling: How To Drive Creative Impact In 2021

p>Presented by David Tiltman, Head of Content, WARC

Recorded on Wednesday, 7 April 2021

As organisations pivot to e-commerce, where are the new opportunities to build brands and drive sales? WARC looks at changes in the market over the past 12 months, and some emerging trends in creative effectiveness they are seeing as a result.

Unlocking Creativity: Lessons On How To Unleash Creativity Within Your Teams

Presented by Jim Stengel, President and CEO, The Jim Stengel Company

Recorded on Wednesday, 7 April 2021

This conversation will explore what CMO’s can do to unlock more creativity within their teams and in how they work with their agency partners. We will learn what works to create safe environments that enable risk-taking. We will review the skills that need to be developed for the future of creativity and we will explore what COVID-19 has taught us about unlocking creativity.