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Make your ideas even more valuable. Our intelligence products help you get exactly what you need from creativity and keep reaching for excellence — no matter where you’re starting your journey from.

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The Work

The Work is the world’s greatest intelligence platform of creative excellence. Imagine yourself being able to browse 200,000+ Cannes Lions entries from all over the world, or listen to the The Work’s collection of Festival talks since 2011.

Plus, after two years of painstaking restoration, we have the new Classic Collection, including winning work from 1954 to 2000. The Classic Collection is a precious reminder of where we come from and a unique historic memory of the impact of advertising on culture.

Monty's Christmas

The Creative Effectiveness Ladder

The business case for creativity is now well known. And the proof has become increasingly well-documented. It’s clear many businesses have directly become more profitable or grown their share value through committing to creativity.

LIONS has recently joined forces with our sister brand, Warc, and effectiveness experts, Peter Field and James Hurman, to launch a new framework for creative effectiveness. There is a white paper too and both are here for you to use and share.