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Progress Through Inspiration | Brazil | USA

Inspired as a youth by brilliant Brazilian commercials, Icaro Doria always knew he wanted to be a copywriter in an advertising agency. Now, some twenty years on, and with a trio of Chief Creative Officer roles under his belt, he has started the next stage of his journey as the newly appointed COO of Hill Holliday, New York.

Icaro has never lost the passion and excitement he felt as a young creative to be part of the industry. He is driven by ideas, and connecting with people with ideas; always in pursuit of that positive kick of energy that a fresh concept creates.

In 2005, Icaro Doria took a gamble that catapulted him from São Paulo to New York. And from 2 Lions to 31. Like creativity, we're all a work in progress - and Lions is there for every step of the journey, through all its stages and diversions.

This is Icaro Doria. In progress.


The work that changed everything. A print campaign for Portuguese current affairs magazine, Grande Reportagem, won a Gold Lion at Cannes in 2005 and serendipitously led to Icaro relocating to New York. It’s a clever rendition of hard-hitting national statistics represented in the flag of the country to which the issue relates.

""Progress is the outcome of inspiration.""

A life-shaping week

2005 was a seminal year for Icaro. As a young creative at FCB in Brazil, he was selected to participate in the Young Lions competition; his first trip to Cannes Lions. His team won the Bronze medal for their Young Lions work. Experiences he had that week set off a chain of events that saw him relocate to New York and eventually realise his ambition to open Wieden+Kennedy Brazil. He maintains that the last 16 years of his career have springboarded off that week in Cannes, in June, in 2005.

Saatchi & Saatchi

This work for Procter & Gamble's Glide dental floss used eye-catching typography to communicate the danger of neglected dental hygiene ruining a big moment. It triumphed at Cannes Lions 2007, taking a Gold Lion in Print and a Silver Lion in Outdoor. Wins that helped make SAATCHI & SAATCHI New York the Cannes Lions Agency of the Year that year.

"If you want to lead, learn to follow."

Unsung Heroes

Celebrating and showcasing truckers as the backbone of the USA for Progressive Insurance, with the strapline Behind everything great in America there's a truck, this work won a Silver Lion in Industry Craft in 2019 for Icaro Doria, then Chief Creative Officer at Arnold Worldwide, Boston.

Compress Everything

In New York, Icaro formed a creative duo with Menno Kluin, a fruitful partnership that resulted in many awards, such as this successful work, 'Compress Everything', for Stuffit Deluxe Photo Software. It won a Gold Lion in Outdoor in 2006 and a Silver Lion in Radio in 2007. It cleverly miniaturised large collections of things and inspired many future ads.

"Think less about a career and more about the reason you got into this to begin with."


More work from the Icaro and Menno partnership at Saatchi & Saatchi New York with their 2007 work for Greenpeace to raise global warming awareness. The work 'invoiced' producers of CO2 emssions with the related death toll from the consequences of global warming.

Original is the starting point of inspiration

Icaro is inspired by the potential of ideas. Nothing gives him more pleasure than coming up with ideas and working with people who inspire him. His first creative partner, Menno Kluin, inspired Icaro to work harder and push every idea to its limits. When he comes across work that inspires him, he researches it, writes down the makers' names and finds ways to get in touch to see what they are up to and how he can work with them.


Winning Gold and Bronze Lions for DDB Worldwide New York with Icaro in the role of Chief Creative Officer, the work for Gun by Gun starkly contrasts the volume of documentation required for positive events in people’s lives (such as buying a home, adopting a child, buying a boat) with the ease of purchasing of a deadly weapon.

Progress is never the goal, it’s the consequence.

The less serious leica

Using copy to invoke a memorable and historic moment alongside a typical family snapshot, the 'Made for Fun' work shows that the first instant camera from Leica is as iconic as any other Leica. It won a Bronze Campaign Lion for Icaro in 2019, then Chief Creative Officer of Arnold Worldwide Boston.

By the time you read this

Conveying the benefits of 'All Bran Plus' in a visual way this early work was created whilst Icaro was at Leo Burnett, Lisbon. It won a Silver Lion in Print in 2003.


When Icaro started out in advertising in the the early 2000s, he didn't know much about Lions. He was on a team that created work for Timberland, 'Alpargatas' or 'Socks'. It won a Lion, the first of many, and paved the way for a whole new level of work opportunity.

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