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Dubai Lynx Awards

Never Say No To Panda

Enter your work, showcase your talent and be recognised for work that sets the standard for the region’s most incredible creativity. Entries for 2021 open on 27 October 2022 . The final deadline for entries is 2 February 2023.

Zero Tolerance Ribbon

BBDO Dubai's Zero Tolerance Ribbon

The Zero Tolerance Ribbon is the unifying symbol that not only acted as an element of awareness around FGM, but that also became the voice of a movement to say ‘No’ to the inhumane practice. Taking the universal shape of the Awareness Ribbon, we turned it on its head to literally spell out the word ‘NO’ in Arabic.

RS Prescription Stickers

The Classic Partnership Dubai's RX Prescription Stickers

Dubai has one of the larges blue-collared worker populations in the region. Coming from South Asian countries with limited literacy, they normally converse in their native language. Not being able to read or write limits their comprehension of standard instructions which are usually in English.