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With our online courses, created in partnership with 42Courses, the world’s creative and marketing heroes share with you their playbook for a successful career: what they’ve learnt, their methods and processes. They are bite-sized, highly practical masterclasses to upskill and help make you creatively irreplaceable in an increasingly automated world. Our courses are fun and interactive: you can earn points, climb leaderboards and be inspired with ideas from other learners from all over the world. You will even get feedback from tutors whenever you need it. That’s why the courses’ completion rate is three times higher than the average in online education.

Aliza Rosenfelder, MBA Student at Quantic

“LIONS Courses are one of the few addictive things that's good for you, but what sets it apart is the relationship between the learner and staff. On most online learning sites, you feel like a small fish in a big pond. Whereas on your site, even with over 13,000 people, the staff are unique in establishing a genuine rapport as people complete the courses. As I've told you, I feel I'm in the high-tech version of 84 Charing Cross Road as the team go above and beyond to provide helpful feedback and resources.

I did the behavioural economics course with Rory Sutherland just before my MBA interview and I sincerely believe it helped me appear interesting enough to warrant a full scholarship. LIONS Courses have an excellent mix of resources which enhance your professional life and fun facts that make you view the world differently.”

Nina Jervis, Copywriter at Nina the Writer

“Your approach is fun, kind, deeply positive and intimidating… learning is for everyone. The subjects you choose for your courses are genuinely interesting and relatable and each lesson is a joyous nugget of learning gold! The presenters are clearly passionate about their subject and their insights take your mind out of the traditional learning box (where you take in dry facts and dates and you simply try to remember them). I also love that you’re encouraged to apply each lesson to your own life and work or think about how you’d use it in future.

Since using LIONS Courses, my writing has been energised with new ideas and insight into how people really think. I find I ask my clients much more targeted questions about how they want me to direct their work, leading to some really good results and more client recommendations (so: thank you!). I’ve also been encouraged to read more widely about the things I’ve learned… so much so that I’m even considering taking a degree course in Behavioural Economics. LIONS Courses have opened up my mind in a fabulous way – and that can only be a good thing for future results!

You’ll love how much fun these courses are – it’s like you’re just hanging out online with some seriously interesting people.”

Stephen Bray, Retired psychotherapist, self-employed

“LIONS Courses present an array of examples rooted in behavioural measurement presented by experienced practitioners in simple, consumable, chunks. To encourage study, each course operates a token economy, which I found to be surprisingly effective. I enjoyed both of these qualities.

My work involves discussing personal and business objectives with high level executives and also the owners of SMEs. The examples offered through LIONS Courses are a great help in authenticating what might otherwise simply seem opinion or waffle.

My advice would be that before starting your business, go to LIONS Courses and complete as many programmes on advertising, marketing, and creativity as you can find. They will bring your thoughts into line with the practices of your most effective competitors and give you a chance to survive within your niche. Why not try one and if you enjoy it, then buy a block?”