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Commercial success and Lion-winning work go hand in hand. A study that McKinsey conducted in 2017 using 16 years of Cannes Lions data demonstrated that companies that win Lions outperform their rivals in terms of organic growth and other key financial metrics. The 2022 Cannes Lions Awards are now open for entries.

LIONS Global Creativity report

Lions winners say that winning a Lion is the beginning rather than the end. It’s a symbol of recognition and a green light, a permission to push work further and raise the bar. The LIONS Global Creativity Report distils all of the data into our yearly ranking; giving a true benchmark of creative excellence.

LIONS Global Creativity report of the Decade

Who are the creative companies and brands that have consistently produced game-changing work? It takes more than one creative vision to produce this kind of sustained creative success. In 2020, at the turn of the decade, we had an opportunity to pause and reflect, and sift through the data to recognise those who have most delivered creative excellence over the past 10 years.

The Blank Edition

Grand Prix-winning work: Impact BBDO Dubai’s Blank Edition

How did the agency earn UAE's first Grand Prix with a piece of work that stood up against political deadlock in Lebanon and turned a daily newspaper into a #1 trending topic?

The Last Ever Issue

Grand Prix-winning work: VMLY&R Poland’s ‘The Last Ever Issue’

VMLY&R won Poland’s first Grand Prix with a wonderfully powerful campaign fighting misogynistic gender portrayals - and they did it with a pornographic magazine. In this exclusive report, they reveal the challenges they faced and how they overcame them to achieve clear success.

The Work Header

The Work is the world’s greatest intelligence platform of creative excellence. All Cannes Lions winning and shortlisted work, including the original entry papers, ends up here. Over the past six years, we have built a series of intuitive tools to quickly search through over 200,000+ campaigns to find precisely the inspiration and insights you are looking for.

“Once the clients taste what it means to win at Cannes Lions, they want more. It opened doors for discussions about even bolder moves in the future. A few years ago, it would be unthinkable to run LGBT campaigns in Poland and now more and more clients are open to discuss it.”

Dawid Szczepaniak


VMLY&R Poland