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At LIONS we have over 65 years of evidence that creative excellence moves people, business and society forward. Cannes Lions - The International Festival of Creativity - has been championing creative excellence since 1954 with the goal of providing a global destination and the definitive benchmark for creativity that drives progress. Progress for people, businesses and society. Over the decades, we have recognised and celebrated creativity from a hugely diverse range of cultures around the world and showcased the power of creativity to the world’s largest and most powerful advertisers and marketers. We know that highly creative companies grow faster, more profitably and shift culture. It’s the power of ideas. They create new worlds from nothing.

Cannes Lions is undeniably the world’s most revered benchmark for creative excellence, with every award carefully selected by juries composed of the community’s own most admired talent. This is where the community establishes what’s creatively possible - and extraordinary things happen when the creative community comes together for the moment that is Cannes Lions.

But there has also been a growing call that creativity cannot only be tethered to a single experience. For the creative community, the journey and the pursuit of excellence exists every day. Creativity is hard, it requires belief, commitment, perseverance, culture, processes and leadership. It’s an everyday journey. And so, more than ever, creativity needed a home, accessible by everyone in the business of creativity.

This is why we have created LIONS - the Home of Creativity. Our purpose is to drive progress through creativity and support our community on their creative journeys, day in, day out. Our goal is to provide support for everyone in the business of creativity, wherever you are and whatever the shape of your journey. We want to create more opportunities to get involved too - on our stages - both physical and digital, on our social channels and in the increasing amount of expert content we are providing. We know that creative excellence can come from anywhere and we want our platforms to be open to as many voices as possible to come in. We’re open. Please join us.

And to get us started we asked four marketing and creative legends from four continents to share what gives them the energy and power to fearlessly champion creativity every day. Alongside this, we have created a manifesto for creativity for everyone to enjoy and share. Tell us what you think.

And to get us started we asked five creative legends from around the world to share what gives them the energy and power to fearlessly champion creativity every day:

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