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The ‘See It Be It’ talent programme was founded in 2014 by Cannes Lions with the mission to achieve equal gender representation of creative directors and leaders across the global industry. Over the past 9 years, we’ve elevated a worldwide community of 100+ female and female-identifying creatives - positively impacting the gender representation we set out to equalise.

Each year the ‘See It Be It’ alumni group has amassed additional cohorts which have grown and mobilised the community. This expansion has created a movement and achieved the ripple effect of women embodying the programme in their everyday lives, bringing learnings back to their local agencies, communities, and countries.

Our mission statement at LIONS is ‘Progress Through Creativity’, fused with our statement of purpose at ‘See It Be It - ‘to achieve equal gender representation of creative directors and leaders’, commits to a powerful and balanced creative future for all.

Looking ahead, we’re excited to announce additional talent schemes and opportunities for marginalised communities who may otherwise be overlooked or underrepresented in the broader creative and marketing industry.

We are delighted to launch the See It Be It Hub - a global community bulletin board. This digital gathering place is for resource sharing, event announcements, and finding like-minded creatives with a passion for inclusivity and equality. We hope it empowers you to reach out to other female and female-identifying go-getters and source allies, mentors and prospective creative prodigals.

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Hannah Johsnon

Im actually launching a program in Germany with the Art Director's Club Germany called ADC Future Females. It's inaugural event will be September 16th & 17th including top global ad leaders and executive coaching workshops on presenting and media training. This was absolutely driven by the incredible experience I had at cannes.

Lauren Haberfield

Op-ed pieces I have worked on for LBB which cover feminist driven topics in the industry I think we all can relate to.


Marta Frączek I am involved in a huge festival-like initiative championing young film talents that are willing to work with brands. We put a lot of effort to make it as inclusive as possible especially for young, upcoming female talents (one category is even called: women stories and is sponsored by facebook).

Meyvi Wedelia

How to be a Better Human by TED and PRX Invisibilia NPR

Both podcasts are mainly anchored in the theme of self-improvement backed with psychology and science but finding them very useful not to only navigate life but also work life.

Caroline Gomez

Sello Púrpura.

For a while, I have been part of Publicitarias, an organization across America that looks for Women Advertiser's visibility but also to bring a gender perspective to the Advertising industry, from the inside (on agencies) to the outside (final work, campaigns, commercials, and digital assets). We realize that a more significant and attractive action needed to be done so that agencies will care about diversity and inclusion. With this in mind, and by being aware that many clients and brands were interested in working with/in actual social issues, Publiciatrias allied with Bridge the gap and IDEA initiative to develop the first certificate to be considered a Gender Perspective/ Diverse and Inclusive Agency. Sello Purpura. We are currently doing the beta testing of this project, but so far, the results have been transcendent, especially for the internal culture of participating agencies.

More information about the program: Sello Púrpura Website Blog: Podcast: Podcast

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Talking about diversity in advertising goes beyond gender, age, and ideology but also questioning creativity.

Since ever, the concept of creativity has been leaning over the shoulders of the ones called "creative," aliening the rest of jobs positions in an everyday-bigger industry. These days, copywriters and designers aren't the owners of ideas anymore, but then, why do they keep being in the center of the industry?

Looking for new opportunities and pushing into new directions, The Creative Circle of Mexico decided to give the chance of other areas to get a mentoree or guidance about their work/book, guided by renowned persons of the industry. For the first time, Community Managers, Content Creators & Managers, Social Media Strategist & Planners were recruited for this well-known initiative.

The participation was overwhelming, so much that we will do a second edition later this year. We receive only good comments about this initiative, which maybe looks small but establish an antecedent.

Lauren Ferreira, Creative Director, Droga5

The podcast "Everything is Alive" is hosted by Ian Chillag, a former NPR producer of "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me" who interviews inanimate objects about their life. It may sound a bit silly or mawkish but I honestly found myself laughing at the wit and intelligence of the dialogue in each episode. Chillag really cuts deep and gets his subject to talk openly about identity, belonging, the meaning of life, whether they are a pregnancy test or simply a grain of sand.

I got the incredible opportunity to work on CIRCUS (now MediaMonks), where I hold closer contact with Ana Luna, Mexican SiBi Alumni, in 2018. She, and some other Women of the agency, started an inside movement –that now I'm also part of– called Women In Leadership. Besides visualizing the talented women community inside the agency, we are starting a Mentorship program to secure more women who will have the necessary tools and support to aspire to better positions, hopefully inside MediaMonks. For this pilot session, Mentors and mentees are women across the American continent. As this is an internal activity, we don't have assets to share yet, but if needed we can coach others to replicate this initiative inside their agencies.

Women in Leadership LATAM