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Great things happen when we bring people together.

For 67 years our community at Cannes Lions have had a masterclass in creativity surrounded by the most interesting people in the world.

LIONS Membership is that. For everyone. All year round.

As a member, you can now connect and collaborate with other members through interest-based communities, meetups and access to a series of member-only learning programmes and tools.

Welcome Home.

Your next three months I What you can expect from us

Over the next three months you will be receiving regular communications from us where we cherry pick the most relevant information to save you time, ensure you’re making the most out of LIONS and keep you informed through your onboarding journey. From content highlights to deep-dives into Member benefits, handy hints, tantalising tips, recommendations, and so much more - we have you covered.

Your dedicated customer service team or account manager are on-hand from day one to answer any questions you may have and to help you with any advice sought.

Select your path to begin your journey

As with the Cannes Lions Festival, there is much to explore. But every journey starts with a single step. Select a path to begin.


Access the Cannes Lions awards ceremonies. Watch live, from our members-only area and inte...


Make great things happen. Meet regularly with other members of the global community for new thinking, collaboration, and collective action. Together, we can drive progress through creativity.

The Communities

Access to the education, advice, and skills that lead to creative breakthroughs – but most importantly, each other. Through Membership you’ll gain regular opportunities to meet other members, united in their mission to drive progress through creativity.

The Brief

Use your creative muscles for good. Work on selected pro-bono briefs, alongside the rest of the community, for not-for-profit causes to drive change. Requiring a wide range of disciplines, engage in regular opportunities to use your skills to change the world.

The Creative Drops

Spark your imagination with regular doses of limited edition content, experiences and merchandise curated by our creative partners – with something to ignite inspiration for every discipline of creativity.


Elevate your own creativity with access to regular lectures, insider training, and skill bootcamps. Develop skills you can’t learn anywhere else from award-winning practitioners and experts.

The Lectures

Broaden your mindset and absorb knowledge from the world-class creative leaders and thinkers as they address the global creative community. The Lectures are a rallying cry to activate the industry and drive progress – for business, for society, and for good.

The Coaching Series

Meet your professional goals by diving into the skills needed to thrive in the creative world. Lean on our expert support and deep-learning sessions to help coach you through each skill and help you future-proof your career – so you can aim higher, and do more.

The Letter

Be the first in the know about what’s happening in the world of creativity. Receive the latest on what’s happening across your community, your relative disciplines, and stay on the inside track of creative excellence with regular letters from The Membership Team.


Knowledge is power. Infuse your work with the latest insights and evidence via quarterly expertly-curated creative forecasts. Visit The Library for the latest intel, helpful guides and used-by-the-best templates, whenever you like.

The Work Classic

Look back across the world’s greatest award-winning collection of creative work from 1954 – 2000 in order to stimulate ideas and inspiration. Dive into a wide selection of the very best in creativity, much of it painstakingly restored and regraded from original film.

The Library

Use the best resources available, developed by 67 years of industry experience and insight. Access The Library to source the best-in-class guides, templates, decks and supporting materials, as curated by the benchmark for creative excellence.

The Forecast

Knowledge is power. Infuse your work with the latest insights and evidence via quarterly expertly-curated creative forecasts. Place yourself ahead of the curve with current trends, expert analysis, and intricate inquiries into niche, sought-after themes in creativity.

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1954 is the world’s most revered creative club. This club was founded 68 years ago when the first Lion was awarded. All members and their creativity have shaped the future and made history. If you would like to hear more about the exclusive member benefits for the club, where the only thing that will get you in is a Lion, then click the link below.