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The LIONS State of Creativity 2024

Discover the views of 3000 marketers and creatives in our annual survey of the current creative landscape.

The industry’s growing again, but there’s been a breakdown in communication. Explore the challenges and opportunities coming your way in this year’s State of Creativity.

The State of Creativity is back. And this year, the focus is on you. Whether you’re brand-side or agency-side, junior or exec – our survey results put more emphasis than ever on relationships both internally and externally.

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For example, did you know that 45% of creative partners say their working relationship with their brand counterparts is difficult? It’s indicative of a divide that’s growing between client-agency stakeholders, and it’s killing creative growth. Companies experiencing these partnership difficulties are 3x more likely to predict a business decline in 2024.

So how can you avoid the pitfalls? Read the State of Creativity, get bitesize, actionable insights – and put them into action across your organisation. Get ready to drive business growth over the next 12 months with creativity at the centre of everything you do.

Your teams want more creativity

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There’s frustration among juniors, especially on the brand side, directed at C-suite executives who aren’t prioritising creative risk. They know it’s the key to growth, but ‘play-it-safe’ leadership is leaving them disappointed – and it’s no surprise. Brands who predict higher growth in 2024 are 6x more likely to prioritise creativity, and are actually 4.6x more likely to have a higher marketing spend than last year.

"The idea of being creative is spoken about a lot, but when final decisions are to be made, leadership always defaults to the tried-and-tested options."

Junior Brand Manager, Australia

Download the State of Creativity to discover how to break out of the finger pointing loop, and encourage creative growth at every level of your business.

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