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There is a whole host of inspiration, innovation and insight coming your way. Expect exclusive perks and all the tools and tips to maximize your experience with us.

You’ll also be first in-line to hear what will drop next; this could be eminent new members, content we know you’ll care about or anything else worth sharing, all directly from your account manager.

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Discover 40+ hours of creativity on-demand

Be absorbed by our hub of on-demand content from Cannes Lions Live. Watch five awards ceremonies, analysis, debriefs and interviews around the winning work, plus 150+ films, from inspiring keynotes to insightful documentaries.

Connect with the community

Make great things happen. Meet regularly with other members of the global community for new thinking, collaboration, and collective action. Together, we can drive progress through creativity.
Imagine what could be achieved if we could connect the greatest creatives in the world. Through 1954, you’ll gain regular opportunities to meet with other members for new thinking, collaboration, and collective action, as well as our Founding Members.
Get right to the heart of the matter by attending regular private meetings with the creative leaders, industry heroes, and inspiring thinkers to drive progress across the industry – exclusively for 1954 members.


Spark your imagination with regular doses of limited edition content, experiences and merchandise curated by our creative partners – from seeing your art live on the WeTransfer Wallpaper, or discovering the future of gaming with Highsnobiety.

Tap into learning from the best in class

Elevate your own creativity with access to regular lectures, insider training, and skill bootcamps. Develop skills you can’t learn anywhere else from award-winning practitioners and experts.

A wealth of resources at your fingertips

Infuse your work with the latest insights and evidence via quarterly expertly-curated creative forecasts. Visit The Library for the latest intel, helpful guides and used-by-the-best templates, whenever you like.

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